Pasos Proféticos

Pasos Proféticos / Prophetic Steps

Dimary Rivera


Rules and Regulations

1. Attendance to a minimum of two of the services per week.

a. Attendance to the practice session does not include as attendance to a service.

b. Service days:

i. Tuesday 8pm: Prayer Service

ii. Thursday 8pm: Youth Service; Bible Study

iii. Sunday 2pm: Worship Service

1. It is important to arrive to every service on time, if not early. Keeping in mind that when we are performing it is required you arrive at 1pm on Sunday or at the time specified if performing any other day on or besides Sunday.

c. Congregational Prayer and Fasting

i. It is mandatory to attend the Congregational Prayer and Fasting meeting which is on the third Saturday of the month from 9-12pm; unless you have to attend school or have to go to work.

•If you have to go to school or work then you need to let Dimary or Julie know in advance so you are excused.

2. Practice Sessions are on every Tuesday at 6pm.

a. It is mandatory to attend every practice session and to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

b. For any reason you are not able to attend the practice session or if you are running late, it is mandatory to contact Dimary or Julie.

1. Dimary: 787-531-5645

a. When calling to be excused it is important to contact Dimary or Julie at least 15-30 minutes in advance unless it is an emergency.

3. Performance Dates, Behaviors, Attendance

a. Dates and times will be given in advance and arrival time is mandatory to arrive early

b. When arriving for a performance it is mandatory you arrive dressed and with make up ready.

c. Behaviors include:

i. Remember that you represent Prophetic Steps, therefore your body language, facial expression, attitude should represent of a good servant of God.

ii. Your attitude should represent a living testimony of God.

iii. When we are going out for a performance, we are to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

1. For example, call each other by your names and say excuse me and thank you.

d. When visiting another church we are there strictly to minister.

i. That is not the moment to collect phone numbers of the other church members with the purpose to socialize.

4. Confidentiality

a. All meeting details that includes, situations or any decisions that are being made are to be kept within the ministry body.

b. You have the freedom to express yourself if you have any concerns.

i. Please see Dimary or Julie to address your concerns, thoughts or feelings.

ii. Assure that when you address yourself you do it in such a way that you do not disrespect the person you are speaking to.

5. Music, Social Network etc…

a. Prophetic Steps ministers with music therefore it is important that you do not listen to any other type of music that does not worship God.

b. When communicating through any type of social network, which includes Facebook, My Space, Twitter etc. it is important that you portray a clear testimony.

i. For example, be very careful with they types of posts you are putting online because you are not only representing yourself but the entire Prophetic Steps Ministry.

6. Consequences of not following these Rules and Regulations

a. Those that do not follow these guidelines are subject to sanctions.

i. Sanctions include:

1. Verbal warning regarding failure to follow established procedures.

2. Will be restrained from performing in that current performance.

3. Will remain suspended for four weeks following the date of suspension.

4. Will remain suspended for eight weeks following the date of suspension.

b. During any suspension time, the member still needs to follow the established procedures.

c. Failure to follow established procedures during the suspension time means you voluntarily remove yourself from the ministry.

d. Upon suspension a copy of these regulations will be provided with the section of the item that was not obeyed and a form of the sanction that will be applied will need to be signed by the ministry member, if you are a minor then a parent will need to sign as well.

7. These regulations are not subject to change but if they needed to be modified it will be done under careful consideration and prayer by the ministry leaders and administration.

8. Everyone is subject to signing as confirmation that you are agreeing to these terms to be a part of Prophetic Steps Ministry.

a. If you are a minor then your parent or legal guardian needs to sign with you in agreement to these terms.